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Here, you will find 101 the yummiest pizza recipes, including meat, seafood, veggies, and sweet pizza.

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes all over the world, so we offer you to start cooking it on your own.

Mouthwatering pizza recipes

Sheet-Pan Pizza with Brussels Sprouts and Salami

There is no higher calling of the humble Brussels sprout than this sheet-pan pizza. The final result is a cheesy, crispy, can’t-stop-eating balance of flavor and texture.

Perfect Pan Pizza

Calling all lovers of thick, pillowy pizza crust! This epic homemade pan pizza tastes just like the thick crust pizza from your favorite pizzeria.

Pepper and halloumi pide

Take your Turkish pizza up a notch with diced halloumi and red and green peppers for an easy vegetarian midweek meal.

Delicious vegetarian pizza ideas

Egg and Sweet Potato Pizza

Perfectly baked right on top of the pizza dough, eggs add a richness that can't be beaten. Cubed and pureed sweet potatoes and Gouda cheese make a base for the eggs to be cooked in while the pizza bakes.

Garlic greens and ricotta pizza

Only consisting of five ingredients, our easy pizza recipe only takes 20 minutes to prep but no time to eat!

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

My from-scratch pizza has a whole wheat crust flavored with beer. Top it with spinach, artichoke hearts and tomatoes, then add chicken or ham and fresh basil if you want to include meat.

The best pizza-making tips

Learn How to Use the Metric System and Baker's Percentages

If you want to get really serious about your pizza game, learn how to read and think in baker's percentages, the standard notation for professional bakers.

Cook your pizza at a very high temperature

Restaurant pizza ovens can get very hot. To recreate that taste, it’s important that your oven temperature is high enough.

Throw Away the Tomato Paste

There’s a time and a place for tomato paste, but it definitely doesn’t belong in pizza sauce. A good tomato sauce should only have a few simple ingredients (including tomatoes, onions, garlic and salt).

Emiliano Ren

a professional pizza chef

Have you ever dreamed to become a professional pizza chef? Then you need to visit our pizza making courses online. They are intended for ultimate beginners. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes all over the world, so everybody wants to serve this dish while having a party. However, if you are tired of waiting for your order and wasting money, you need to learn to cook a tasty pizza on your own.

Everyone loves pizza. This disc of dough is an incredible blank canvas to create innovative and crowd-pleasing pies. Our professional chef offers 101 tasty pizza recipes, including the best meat and vegetarian toppings.

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